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Hello and Welcome!

I'm Jane and I help frustrated SME owners engage and activate thier people so business can move faster

The services I offer are:

  • Executive coaching for seasoned professionals 

  • Leadership coaching for high potentials

  • Mastermind groups

  • Team coaching


Book a Free 30 minute no obligation call for a chat, if you are kept awake at night by:

  • You want to STOP dealing with small reactionary day to day tasks.

  • You want TIME to focus on creating the next horizon for you and the team.

  • You want to REDUCE FRUSTRATION with the team you created, why do they need so much of you all the time! 

  • You sense staff have "itchy feet", STOP KEY STAFF LEAVING and develop them!

  • You NEED INSPIRATION on how to solve some of these people situations.

  • You WANT TO NURTURE YOUR TEAM,  but have no idea how to start apart from appraisals.

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Clients who
work with Jane achieve...

  • Better understanding of self, others, goals, focus, de-railers and leading self more effectively.

  • Improved confidence, better team communication and team trust.

  • Big Picture - coaching revealed a bigger agenda "me to the we"

  • I had greater self-awareness and rapid development, what and how to leverage my leadership strengths

  • It improved my emotional intelligence and growth

  • I was  more open to showing vulnerability at work. Enabled me to ask for support and build better relationships with colleagues

  • I was able to commit to department transformation

  • I learned how to self-coach and hold myself accountable to developing

  • Working with Jane gave me confidence to lead and challenge my colleagues with the idea of appointing one of us as the main point of contact with the Policy team. This meant that this person would be the policy champion in the sector team to answer client enquiries. A colleague offered to upload key reference documents on the team intranet; another one, to review the pipeline of projects. This initiative made me interact with the wider team and raised my profile. We now have noticed a major improvement in how banking, skills and visas/immigration issues are handled. What a fantastic team achievement !

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