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Jane has led projects in these industries 

Health Care, Social Care, Financial Services, Nuclear, HR, Banking, Entrepreneurship, Higher Education, Non-profit, Project Management, Engineering, Automotive and Aerospace.

What clients say about
working with Jane 

High Potential Coaching

The coaching really challenged me to understand my feelings about

different areas of my social and work life. It challenged me to create goals

far more wide reaching to create an image of myself and what I wanted

rather than the small steps to meet a near-future goal. This process has

helped me to better understand the way I think and lead and to focus on my

abilities. I have become far more confident about my technical skills and no

longer have internal barriers of ‘I’m the youngest’ – so what, I can give it a

go! It hasn’t all been easy but I have really enjoyed the coaching and I’m

enjoying my life both inside and outside of work much more. I would

recommend this to anyone who wants to progress and see their life through

different eyes.

High Potential Coaching

I found the coaching sessions I undertook with Jane to be immensely

valuable. Prior to undertaking the sessions I had recognised that I was under

pressure at work and this was cascading to my relationships and my ability to

manage the demands of working fulltime and being the parent of a young child.

Through our sessions I was able to identify key areas of tension and

‘unbalance’ and this gave me the confidence and understanding I needed to

make my own positive changes, at our final session we discussed the

changes I have made, the impacts and benefits I am already seeing/ feeling

and how I am going to carry this forward.

Leadership Development Coaching

The sessions with Jane were of significant value and I really appreciate her

taking the time to talk to me. I am naturally a self-starter and these sessions

gave me the steer I needed to make my own changes, and without these

sessions I feel sure I would have continued to flounder and failed to capture

the opportunities my current role offers me and regain the balance I need

between work and home life.

My sincere thanks.

Executive Coaching

The executive coaching package has been invaluable to me. It has helped

me to focus on key areas for development and helped me to achieve huge

steps forward in the areas where I was previously lacking in confidence.

The fact that it has been coaching, rather than simply advice, has put enough

pressure on me to take bold steps and be courageous. The Strengths Based

Finder tool was really useful and I have embraced some of the small but

significant suggestions around people relationships. Above all I have learnt

to “Just Fly”, which sounds simple, but is hugely cathartic and liberating.

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