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It's great to meet you! So you are here to see if I'm the person to help you. I really love and embrace all types of people, I'm fascinated by their uniqueness and ways of seeing the world. I've worked in many industries some global, some small and not for profit so I wish to share that learning with SME leaders based in the north west who are ambitious, progressive and compassionate in supporting their people.

- I'm responsive

- Hard working

- I'm a positive people propeller! 

My Story

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Jane's journey began in Cumbria as she left the green for edgy North Manchester, beginning a career in nursing. Jane genuinely cares about people and has been lucky enough to have a life on a roller skate moving between Europe, USA, and Abu Dhabi. In that time Jane has spent 19 years developing and empowering individuals and teams.

Jane has over 1300 hours of individual and team coaching work. Jane attained a Professional Certified Coach certification with the International Coaching Federation which is the gold standard in global coaching professional practice. Jane is on her client’s team 100% and takes psychological ownership of her commitment to clients to deliver professional services of high integrity.

Jane is energised by people and organisational success.  Jane begins by attaining the baseline measure, clarifying the goals and objectives, which enables clients to focus to attain and maintain the sustainable high performance they seek in and outside of work.

Jane is naturally intrigued by the unique qualities of individuals, and because she can ‘see’ the individual she can enable them to draw out the best in themselves. Jane moves comfortably among a broad range of styles and cultures intuitively personalising her interactions. Jane seeks to transform the strong into something superb. At the core of Jane's work she utilises individuals’ unique strengths to stimulate people and group excellence. 

Jane is a natural people person and loves to work with strong people and teams into something superb. Please see in clients own words about their experiences 1-1 Coaching, Team Coaching  in working with Jane. 

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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