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What clients say about working with Jane 

Mastermind and Team Coaching Testimonials 


The group coaching sessions offered by Jane were excellent in identifying my

personal strengths and weaknesses, and worked at addressing how to capitalise

on my strengths, and also offered solutions to overcoming some weaknesses

identified as key areas that I would like further development. Identifying my

strengths has proved a catalyst to the charting my career path by looking at

positions within the company which would make optimum use of my strengths

and ultimately drive a higher level of motivation and job satisfaction. This vision

has provided renewed focus on where I want to take my career and how to

achieve my goals in a positive, energised fashion.

Mastermind Group

I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you very much for the

coaching. I found the sessions to be very valuable and informative.

Your sessions were my first experience of coaching. Initially, I was

uncertain how coaching would work in a group. However, on reflection,

I think this approach worked well for me. In particular, the sessions

provided an opportunity to hear other participant’s challenges and to

learn from their experiences. On a personal note, the sessions allowed

me to reflect on key concerns and to explore techniques to help me better

recognise risky situations and address such concerns going forward.

Team Coaching

The team moved from sinking ships to significantly more positive metaphors.

‘We are all in a car journey together, someone is driving, and someone is navigating, but they both are listening to what others may suggest for a better route, or interesting things to see on the way and are willing to change plans and divert as appropriate. Everyone else in the car checks how both the driver, navigator and rest of the passengers are feeling, and are willing to take over, or take some of the load to give the others a break.’ 

Team Coaching

  • In terms of Communication and Management processes the shift was described by participants as.

 ‘Stronger teamwork, strategy, forward planning good leadership, more focussed, better working relationships, working as a team, communicating, vision, talking more openly/candidly about thing’. 

  • The change in productivity in the team was described by participants as.

Positive, optimistic, reassuring, definitely more productive, focussed, productive, goal-driven, forward-thinking, collaborative, goal-orientated, better, focused, progressive, efficient, implementation, solutions.

  • The change in culture and positivity in the team was described by participants as;

Very well, seems more trusting Better team working, , engaged, open, caring, Positive, engaged, collaborative, Collaborative, Supportive, Respectful respect, contribution, engagement.

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